CleanGredients is an online database of cleaning ingredients. It provides verified scientific data to show the potential human and environmental health and safety benefits of chemicals, and it offers the option for suppliers to have their products listed.

CleanGredients is developed by GreenBlue®, a nonprofit that equips business with the science and resources to make products more sustainable. CleanGredients gets income by paid subscription and sponsorship. Over 300 companies have subscribed to CleanGredients.

Annual subscription fees for suppliers are based on the company’s gross annual revenue. The minimum subscription fee is $150 a year, for individuals and small non-profits.

CleanGredients offers listings of ingredients in different classes: Chelating Agents, Fragrances, Solvents and Surfactants. In each class, chemical attributes are stated. The attributes for different ingredient classes are selected through an open stakeholder process managed by GreenBlue. For each ingredient class, GreenBlue convenes a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The TACs guide the selection of relevant attributes for each ingredient class and provide guidance on prioritization of the attributes, reporting formats, and data quality and verification requirements. TAC recommendations are subject to approval by the Steering Committee. Committees serve in an advisory capacity, but GreenBlue shall notify the appropriate committee(s) when implementing design decisions that are contrary to committee recommendations. The key attribute data of the products and the ingredient formulations need to be given by the company, and are reviewed by an approved third-party. This is carried out under confidentiality, providing verification of claims for the key ingredient attributes for ingredients without compromising proprietary formulations.

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