In the interdisciplinary C2C Inspired Lab sessions, a need for open source quality assured information arose. In the Quality assured databases you find existing databases containing technologies, materials and products that match with a Cradle-to-Cradle design focus. Furthermore, several Useful databases are listed that may provide valuable additional information.

We do not claim to be complete, by any means, and if you know of other relevant databases, please inform us.

Quality assured databases

These databases include C2C certified products (both C2C-Centre and the C2CPII Products Library). The C2C-Centre has also included C2C optimized products. CleanGredients is included because of the clear definition of materials on a chemical level, separating toxins.

Useful databases

These databases can be very useful in C2C inspired design, but do not use the same criteria themselves; therefore these should be used carefully.

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