The C2C-Centre is an open Cradle to Cradle® knowledge centre, including databases of products, documentation and companies.

The C2C-Centre is supported by C2C® ExpoLAB Foundation, the municipality of Venlo and the European Union. The C2C® ExpoLAB Foundation is giving shape and substance to the ambitions of the Municipality of Venlo with regard to Cradle to Cradle®. Since October 2010, the foundation has also been responsible for translating those ambitions into results. Managing the C2C-Centre is part of this task.

The product database contains over 350 items, which are only included if they are Cradle to Cradle® certified or optimized. It contains all kinds of products, such as building materials, interior design and personal care products. With ‘cradle to cradle optimized’ products are meant products which are in the process for certification, but are not certified yet.

The assessment for a Cradle to Cradle® certificate is done by the Cradle To Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

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