Coert Zachariasse is owner and CEO of Delta Development Group. Delta creates sustainable buildings of quality that will retain their value indefinitely. Park 20|20 exemplifies Delta’s progressive and ambitious thinking. It is this unique development that brought Coert into contact with William McDonough and Michael Braungart (Cradle to Cradle®). Park 20|20 is a sustainable business park built on the C2C principles.


Steven Beckers is a C2C® architect at Lateral Thinking Factory (LTF). LTF, a Think-Act network, connects expertise with decision makers animated in changing the way they approach and develop human habitat. Think embeds research, training, knowledge dissemination; Act means adopting a structured process towards successful – holistic – design implementation milestones. Current projects of LTF integrate circular economy and urban farming principles.

  • Anne-Marie Rakhorst, Entrepreneur, founder of Search &


Anne-Marie Rakhorst is an entrepreneur, author and speaker, motivating people to move towards a sustainable economy. It is her mission to make a real difference, in her own words: “I want to make a positive impact as much as possible. These times are incredibly fun and exciting and my challenge and that of my companies is to seize current opportunities. Entrepreneurs hold the keys to a sustainable future.”

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Peter Luscuere is founder of Inspired Ambitions and Professor at Delft University of Technology. The research of his group is focused on: Climate design, Sustainability and Exergy. As director at Royal Haskoning, Peter was responsible for the company’s work in Health Care as well as developing a companywide Cradle to Cradle inspired program on sustainability. See also Peter’s column.

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